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2008 NCAA D-1 National Wrestling Championships

Championship Finals 141 - 149

Images by Tony Rotundo and John Sachs
“When I got to this tournament I realized that nothing is guaranteed. Next year isn’t
guaranteed for me.  I could blow something out in the first week of practice. I knew
that I could win it this year. I just had to go take it. Nothing is guaranteed tomorrow.”
J Jaggers, Ohio State University
141--1st/2nd: #6 J Jaggers (Ohio State U.)
vs. #1 Chad Mendes (Cal Poly)
“My main goal was if I didn’t get in on my shots, to get out from under him as fast as I
could. We know a fair majority of what each others tools are. It was a very tactical match."
J Jaggers, Ohio State University
“He had me in an odd position and I heard a crack.  I screamed, which was
probably dumb on my part because then he obviously knew what was going
on. He pulled a little more, which no fault to him, he’s trying to win a national
title too. It was about a four or five second crackling. I don’t know how bad it’s
doing to be. I’ve had a high ankle sprain before and this is a little worse.”
J Jaggers, Ohio State University
On coach Tom Ryan

“He’s an unbelievable motivator. The guy will spend one hundred work hours if it means
getting three more fans in the stands. That’s how dedicated to wrestling he is. All of our
staff is night-in-and-night-out thinking about us. There is a buzz around the state like there
has never been before. I think that’s important for us as a program. It shows younger kids,
you can win national titles at Ohio State. We should be the one to take down Iowa.”
J Jaggers, Ohio State University
149--1st/2nd: #1 Brent Metcalf (Iowa) vs. #6 Bubba Jenkins (Penn State U.)
On going to Iowa

“It was a great opportunity for me to train at the highest level and get better.
Being out there on that stage is definitely a different atmosphere, but
wrestling is wrestling. I couldn’t ask for any better option for myself.”
Brent Metcalf, Iowa
“You couldn’t have it any better. This was a big win for myself. It
was good getting this win. It was good for our team to come out
and perform like we did. It was a great season from our team.
We have had a dramatic change from what we had last year.”
Brent Metcalf, Iowa