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2008 NCAA D-1 National Wrestling Championships

Championship Finals 125 and 133

Images by Tony Rotundo and John Sachs
125--1st/2nd: #1 Angel Escobedo (Indiana U.)
vs. #2 Jayson Ness (Minnesota)
“I think the main thing about Angel is he listens to his coaches. He is obviously a great
athlete. But that’s just God-given talent that he’s blessed to have. On top of that, he listens
to his coaches. I am basically there to give moral support."  Coach Duane Goldman
“I was a little nervous sitting in my hotel room thinking about it. But as soon as I
got here and the fans…I just took it like another match. I couldn’t let it affect me,
give my nerves up. So, I was just focused, trying to block out the whole national
championship match and basically just thought of it as another match.”
Angel Escobedo, Indiana University
“Watching him throughout the year, I knew he was really offensive. I knew it
was going to be a hard seven minute match. Whether he’s down by two or
down by five, he’s still going to try getting a big blow or a big move. So, I
knew I had to keep the tempo up.”  Angel Escobedo, Indiana University
133--1st/2nd: #3 Coleman Scott (Oklahoma State U.)
vs. #4 Joey Slaton (Iowa)
“It’s my last chance. There is no more coming back if I lost and I knew
that going in. My tournament life was on the line. I didn’t want to end my
college career on a loss, especially at the national finals. So, I just told
myself, ‘Go for it. Whatever happens, happens. Do whatever you have to
do to win.’” Coleman Scott, Oklahoma State University
“I felt great tonight. I prepared and did everything right. Coach always stresses
towards the end of the year when you’re taking someone down, look to take
them to their back and keep them there and get the pin. Those bonus points
are big. So, every takedown we’re working to put the opponent on his back.
I just felt that tonight; it felt great. It’s the best I ever felt.”
Coleman Scott, Oklahoma State University
“Every day I walk into practice and see a picture of every national champion. I couldn’t tell
you how many there are, but there’s a lot of guys that are a lot better than me. I worked
hard and achieved my goal and that’s what I had to do. It’s an awesome feeling.”
Coleman Scott, Oklahoma State University