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2008 NCAA D-1 National Wrestling Championships

Championship Semi Finals p4

Images by John Sachs and Tony Rotundo
184--Semi: #2 Mike Pucillo (Ohio State University)
vs. #6 Raymond Jordan (Missouri)
“I’ve been working a lot on riding. If that comes up, I know I have to hold him for 30
seconds. We’ve been working on that a little bit in practice and I think it paid off.”
Mike Pucillo, Ohio State University
197--Semi: #2 Phil Davis (Penn State University)
vs. #6 Dallas Herbst (Wisconsin)
197--Semi: #4 Wynn Michalak (Central Michigan University)
vs. #1 Joshua Glenn (American University)
285--Semi: #1 Dustin Fox (Northwestern University)
vs. #5 Jared Rosholt (Oklahoma State University)
“I don’t think people appreciate how hard it is to get out there and just go. In the big
matches it’s harder to find that takedown early but the early takedown is really
important. When you are in the third period and you are tied it’s really important to get
that takedown. That’s when you have to bring your great stuff, what’s going to work.  I
feel like I’m really well trained, that’s why I can capitalize on those situations.”
Dustin Fox, Northwestern University
285--Semi: #2 J.D. Bergman (Ohio State University)
vs. #3 Ed Prendergast (Navy)