Finals and Medals Recap – U.S. Open – Men’s Freestyle

At South Point Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada April 30, 2022

57 KG
1st – Matthew Ramos (Boilermaker RTC) by decision vs Anthony Molton (Buies Creek WC), 9-3
3rd – Jakob Camacho (Wolfpack WC/TMWC) by decision vs Gregory Diakomihalis (Spartan Combat RTC/TMWC), 7-5
5th – Caleb Smith (Boone RTC) by decision vs Aden Reeves (Viking WC (IA)), 9-7
7th – Gabriel Townsell (New York Athletic Club) by tech-fall vs Noah Cortez (Grays Harbor WC), 10-0

61 KG
1st – Nico Megaludis (Pittsburgh WC/TMWC) by decision vs Joshua Rodriguez (Nittany Lion WC/TMWC), 3-1
3rd – Jesse Mendez (Region Wrestling Academy) by injury default Daniel Deshazer (Gopher WC/RTC)
5th – Tyler Graff (NJRTC/TMWC) by no contest vs Seth Gross (Sunkist Kids WC)
7th – Josh Kramer (Sunkist Kids WC) by decision vs Cullan Schriever (Hawkeye WC/TMWC), 9-5

65 KG
1st – Kendric Maple (Sunkist Kids WC) by fall vs Matthew Kolodzik (New York Athletic Club), 0:54
3rd – Ian Parker (Iowa) by decision vs Luke Pletcher (Pittsburgh WC/TMWC), 6-3
5th – Evan Henderson (Ohio RTC/TMWC) by no contest vs Patricio Lugo (Hawkeye WC/TMWC)
7th – Dean Heil (Oklahoma RTC/TMWC) by decision vs Cole Matthews (Pittsburgh WC), 5-1

70 KG
1st – Alec Pantaleo (Cliff Keen WC/TMWC) by decision vs Jordan Oliver (Sunkist Kids WC), 3-2
3rd – Doug Zapf (Pennsylvania RTC) by decision vs Michael Blockhus (Gopher WC/RTC), 4-1
5th – Sam Sasso (Ohio RTC/TMWC) by no contest vs Tyler Berger (California RTC (CA RTC)/TMWC)
7th – Dayne Morton (Wolves WC) by decision vs Harold ‘Brock’ Mauller (Sunkist Kids WC), 3-3

74 KG
1st – Jason Nolf (Nittany Lion WC/TMWC) by tech-fall vs Joshua Shields (Sunkist Kids WC), 11-0
3rd – Collin Purinton (Sunkist Kids WC) by tech-fall vs Peter Pappas (Unattached (George Mason)), 10-0
5th – Andrew Cerniglia (Pennsylvania) by injury default vs Thomas Gantt (Wolfpack WC/TMWC)
7th – Joshua Ogunsanya (New York City RTC) by tech-fall vs Evan Delong (Clarion RTC), 14-4

79 KG
1st – David Mcfadden (Pennsylvania RTC/TWMC) by decision vs Vincenzo Joseph (California RTC (CA RTC)/TMWC), 8-6
3rd – Alex Dieringer (Cliff Keen WC/TMWC) by Fall vs Taylor Lujan (Panther WC RTC/TMWC), 4-0
5th – Chance Marsteller (Annapolis RTC/TMWC) by decision vs Brayden Thompson (Illinois), 3-0
7th – Evan Wick (SoCal RTC / TMWC) by no contest vs Isaiah Martinez (Beaver Dam Wrestling RTC/TMWC)

86 KG
1st – Mark Hall (Pennsylvania RTC/TWMC) by tech-fall vs Marcus Coleman (Iowa), 10-0
3rd – Nick Reenan (Wolfpack WC/TMWC) by tech-fall vs Caden Steffen (Mustang WC), 10-0
5th – Owen Webster (Gopher WC/RTC) by tech-fall vs Caleb Hopkins (Buies Creek WC), 10-0
7th – Julien Broderson (Iowa) by forfeit vs Timothy Young (Illinois),

92 KG
1st – Cameron Caffey (Michigan WC) by decision vs Isaac Trumble (Wolfpack WC/TMWC), 11-7
3rd – Max Shaw (Tar Heel WC) by decision vs Michael Battista (Cavalier WC), 5-4
5th – Christopher Smith (Southeast RTC, Inc/TMWC) by decision vs Jacob Koser (Navy-Marine Corps Mat Club), 10-8
7th – Levi Hopkins (Buies Creek WC) by tech-fall vs Rodsean Graham (Illinois), 10-0

97 KG
1st – Michael Macchiavello (Wolfpack WC/TMWC) by decision vs Josef Rau (Wildcat WC/TMWC), 6-1
3rd – Jonathan Aiello (Cavalier WC/TMWC) by injury default Timothy Dudley (Sunkist Kids WC)
5th – Samuel Mitchell (Bulls WC) by decision vs Ethan Laird (Broncs WC), 9-4
7th – Duncan Lee (Iowa) by forfeit vs Marco Retano (La Grande Mat Club)

125 KG
1st – Hayden Zillmer (Gopher WC/RTC) by decision vs Dominique Bradley (Sunkist Kids WC), 2-2
3rd Ty Walz (Spartan Combat RTC/TMWC) by decision vs Demertius Thomas (Pittsburgh WC), 5-0
5th Lucas Davison (Wildcat WC/TMWC) by decision vs Christian Lance (Nebraska Wrestling Training Center), 10-2
7th – Jordan Wood (Lehigh Valley WC) by decision vs Samuel Schuyler (New York), 8-1

Men’s Freestyle Champions
57 – Matthew Ramos (Boilermaker RTC)
61 – Nico Megaludis (Pittsburgh WC / TMWC)
65 – Kendric Maple (Sunkist Kids WC)
70 – Alec Pantaleo (Cliff Keen WC / TMWC)
74 – Jason Nolf (Nittany Lion WC / TMWC)
79 – David Mcfadden (Pennsylvania RTC / TWMC)
86 – Mark Hall (Pennsylvania RTC / TWMC)
92 – Cameron Caffey (Michigan WC)
97 – Michael Macchiavello (Wolfpack WC / TMWC)
125 – Hayden Zillmer (Gopher WC – RTC)

Outstanding Wrestler- Kendric Maple of Sunkist Kids WC, 65 kg