SDWA California Association Duals Greco Champs

San Diego Wrestling Association are the 2019 Association Duals Champions in Greco-Roman Wrestling for California USA Wrestling.

2019 California Junior Boys Greco-Roman Association Duals Championship
Selland Arena, Fresno California

Team Final Placings and Medal Round Results for Greco-Roman

1st Place – SDWA
2nd Place – OCWA
3rd Place – SCVWA
4th Place – SJWA
5th Place – SAWA
6th Place – MDWA
7th Place – TCWA
8th Place – CVWA
9th Place – IEWA
10th Place – NAWA
11th Place – LAWA
12th Place – KCWA
13th Place – KTWA
14th Place – CMWA

1st Place Match
SDWA defeated OCWA 44-25

3rd Place Match
SCVWA defeated SJWA 38-32

5th Place Match
SAWA defeated MDWA 38-30

7th Place Match
TCWA defeated CVWA 37-32

9th Place Match
IEWA defeated NAWA 39-33

11th Place Match
LAWA defeated KCWA 43-29

13th Place Match
KTWA defeated CMWA 36-35