CVWA CA Freestyle Boys Association Champs

The Central Valley Association are the 2019 Junior Boys Association Duals Champions in Freestyle.

2019 California Junior Freestyle Association Duals Championship
Selland Arena, Fresno California

Team Final Placings and Medal Round Results for Boys Freestyle

1st Place – CVWA
2nd Place – OCWA
3rd Place – SDWA
4th Place – MDWA
5th Place – SCVWA
6th Place – SAWA
7th Place – TCWA
8th Place – IEWA
9th Place – SJWA
10th Place – KCWA
11th Place – CMWA
12th Place – LAWA
13th Place – KTWA
14th Place – NAWA

1st Place Match
CVWA defeated OCWA 38-29

3rd Place Match
SDWA defeated MDWA 50-17

5th Place Match
SCVWA defeated SAWA 40-29

7th Place Match
TCWA defeated IEWA 38-30

9th Place Match
SJWA defeated KCWA 52-17

11th Place Match
CMWA defeated LAWA 35-34

13th Place Match
KTWA defeated NAWA 35-30