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2007 Reno Tournament of Champions - College
Championship Semi-Finals p2

Images by John Sachs and Tony Rotundo
157--Semi: #2 Chase Pami  (Cal Poly) vs.
Tyler Grayson (Central Michigan)
174--Semi: #1 Matt Stolpinski  (Naval Academy)
vs. #4 Michael Kummer (University of Great Falls)
174--Semi: #3 Brandon Sinnott  (Central Michigan) vs.
#2 Brandon Mason (Oklahoma State University)
184--Semi: #1 Ian Murphy  (Cal State Fullerton)
vs. Ben Kelto (Central Michigan-UN)
184--Semi: #2 Christian Sinnott  (Central Michigan)
vs. Michael Moore (Cornell University)
197--Semi: #2 Jason Trulson  (Arizona State University)
vs. #3 Clayton Foster (Oklahoma State University)
197--Semi: #1 Wynn Michalak  (Central Michigan)
vs. Thor Moen (Arizona State University-UN)
285--Semi: #3 Ed Prendergast  (Naval Academy)
vs. #2 Wade Sauer (Cal State Fullerton)