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2007 Reno Tournament of Champions - College
Round of 16

Images by Tony Rotundo
125--Rnd3: #3 Boris Novachkov  (Cal Poly)
vs. Marcos Orozco (UC Davis)
125--Rnd3: #1 Tanner Gardner  (Stanford) vs.
Ben Ashmore (Oklahoma State University)
125--Rnd3: #4 Ben Kjar  (Utah Valley)
vs. Cody Grant (Wyoming)
157--Rnd3: #1 Jordan Leen  (Cornell University)
vs. Neil Erisman (Oklahoma State University-UN)
157--Rnd3: Brandon Benson  (Oklahoma City University)
vs.Noomis Jones (Adams State College)
165--Rnd3: #1 Patrick Pitsch  (Arizona State University)
vs. Daniel Atondo (Cal State Bakersfield)
157--Rnd3: #2 Chase Pami  (Cal Poly)
vs. Newly McSpadden (Oklahoma State University)
184--Rnd3: Abraham Ortrambo  (UC Davis)
vs. Kyle Walters (Liberty)
197--Rnd3: Shaun Dee  (University of Oregon)
vs. Zach Williams (Utah Valley)
197--Rnd3: #2 Jason Trulson  (Arizona State University)
vs. Taylor Moore (Cornell University)