PAC 12 Championship Results

With 5 Individual Champions, Arizona State University bested host Stanford, 127 to 122.5, to capture the team title at the PAC-12 Wrestling Championships. Next up for the qualifiers will be the NCAA Division 1 National Championship in St. Louis in 3 weeks.

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2017 PAC-12 Wrestling Championships
NCAA Division 1 College Wrestling
Stanford University, Palo Alto, California USA
Sunday, February 26, 2017
Team Scores – 2/26/2017
1 127.0 Arizona State University
2 122.5 Stanford University
3 92.0 California State University Bakersfield
4 91.5 Oregon State University
5 79.0 Boise State University
6 78.0 Cal Polytechnic State University (San Luis Obispo)
Final Individual Place Winners – 2/26/2017

125 lbs.
1st: Sean Nickell (#3), CSU Bakersfield
2nd: Josh Kramer (#4), Arizona State
3rd: Will Bardezbain, Boise State
4th: Gabe Townsell (#1), Stanford
5th: Brandon Staley, Cal Poly
6th: Kegan Calkins (#2), Oregon State

133 lbs.
1st: Joey Palmer (#2), Oregon State
2nd: Connor Schram (#1), Stanford
3rd: Carlos Herrera (#3), CSU Bakersfield
4th: Josh Newberg (#4), Boise State
5th: Ted Rico, Arizona State
6th: Yoshito Funakoshi, Cal Poly

141 lbs.
1st: Joey McKenna (#1), Stanford
2nd: Jack Hathaway (#2), Oregon State
3rd: Colton Schilling (#4), Cal Poly
4th: Nikko Villarreal, Arizona State
5th: Russell Rohlfing (#3), CSU Bakersfield

149 lbs.
1st: Josh Maruca (#1), Arizona State
2nd: Coleman Hammond (#2), CSU Bakersfield
3rd: Joey Delgado (#3), Oregon State
4th: Joshy Cortez, Cal Poly
5th: Walker Dempsey, Stanford
6th: Dakota Wall (#4), Boise State

157 lbs.
1st: Josh Shields (#1), Arizona State
2nd: Colt Shorts (#2), Cal Poly
3rd: Paul Fox (#3), Stanford
4th: Fred Green (#4), Boise State
5th: Jacob Thalin, CSU Bakersfield
6th: Abraham Rodriguez, Oregon State
165 lbs.
1st: Anthony Valencia (#1), Arizona State
2nd: Lorenzo De La Riva (#3), CSU Bakersfield
3rd: Keaton Subjeck (#2), Stanford
4th: Demetrius Romero (#4), Boise State
5th: Rodney Williams, Oregon State
6th: Luke Wilson, Cal Poly

174 lbs.
1st: Zahid Valencia (#1), Arizona State
2nd: Austin Dewey (#3), Boise State
3rd: Peter Galli (#2), Stanford
4th: Travis Berridge (#4), Cal Poly
5th: Bob Coleman, Oregon State
6th: Matt Penyacsek, CSU Bakersfield

184 lbs.
1st: Zach Nevills, Stanford
2nd: Jacen Petersen, Arizona State
3rd: Bryan Battisto (#4), CSU Bakersfield
4th: Mitch Woods (#1), Cal Poly
5th: Kadyn Del Toro (#3), Boise State
6th: Seth McLeod (#2), Oregon State

197 lbs.
1st: Corey Griego (#1), Oregon State
2nd: Josh Marchok (#2), Stanford
3rd: Matt Williams (#3), CSU Bakersfield
4th: Harley DiLulo, Boise State
5th: Tom Lane (#4), Cal Poly
6th: Austyn Harris Arizona State

285 lbs.
1st: Tanner Hall (#1), Arizona State
2nd: Cody Crawford (#2), Oregon State
3rd: Nathan Butler (#3), Stanford
4th: Spencer Empey (#4), Cal Poly
5th: Gabriel Gonzalez, Boise State
6th: Alex Encarnacion-Strand, CSU Bakersfield