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Focused on Sport
2007 Boys Frosh/Soph Folkstyle State - Page 1
Images by John Sachs
112 Michael Lim, South City Gators
vs Johnathan Avena, Stockton Elite
112 Ian Frank, Laguna Hills vs Kyle Arnauf
119 David Klingsheim, Delta vs Rodney Blajadia, Gilroy Hawks
119 Gabriel Castanon, Grizzley Grapplers vs Michael Nordby, Una
125 Ryan Perry, Mustang West vs
Matt Chapman, North Country
125 Garrett Walton, Vacaville vs Mario Elian, Anaconda
130 Nolan Ludwig, Elk Grove vs Chance Wilson, Bermuda Dunes
140 Jasper Loren, Falcon vs Martin Fabian, Buchanan
140 Nick Waldrop, Falcon vs Mike Currier, Redwood
140 Alex Perez, Madera vs Marcos Almarez, A-Team
145 Tristan Ralsh, Megaldon vs
Mitsuyoshi Smyth, Mt Carmel
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