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2007 Association Duals - Greco-Roman Wrestling
CSU Bakersfield, May 19/20 - page 1
Images by John Sachs
2007 Association Duals - Greco-Roman - p1
2007 Association Duals - Greco-Roman - p2
2007 Association Duals - Greco-Roman - p3
2007 Association Duals - Freestyle - p4
2007 Association Duals - Freestyle - p5
2007 Association Duals - Freestyle - p6
2007 Association Duals - Results Home Page
130-J. Sandhouse (SJWA) vs. A. Carrico (SCWA)
135-B. Robles (SCWA) vs. M. Cromwell (SJWA)
140- (SCWA) vs. B. Perez (SJWA)
152-C. Padilla (SJWA) vs. S. Milles (SCWA)
160-T. Gray (SCWA) vs. T. Marquez (SJWA)
171-D. Sanchez (SCWA) vs. G. Gutierrez (SJWA)
189-M. Delgado (SCWA) vs. I. Hill (SJWA)
285-A. Ramirez (SCWA) vs. C. Uriarte (SJWA)
98-C. Pack (NAWA) vs. D. Romero (SDWA)
105-J. Martinez (SDWA) vs. J. Bolen (NAWA)
135-D. Ellis (NAWA) vs. D. Dixon (SDWA)
130-T. Navarette (NAWA) vs. C. Escobar (SDWA)
152-M. Vasser (NAWA) vs. J. Martinez (SDWA)
171-S. Hampton (NAWA) vs. R. Gallagos (SDWA)
215-J. Taghuri (SDWA) vs. D. Rottenberg (NAWA)