2023 NCS/OS Results Recap – Girls Wrestling

2023 NCS/OS Girls Wrestling Championships
Albany, California
February 17/18, 2023

Weight Class 101 (103)
1st Place – Lauren Nguyen of Granada
2nd Place – Savannah Talmadge of Northgate
3rd Place – Navjot Waraich of Dublin
4th Place – Jakayla McKee of San Marin
5th Place – Maya Trujillo of Castro Valley
6th Place – Nicole Pyzer of Middletown
7th Place – Lynette Legados of Hayward
8th Place – Allison Takara of Irvington

Weight Class 106 (108)
1st Place – Abbi Cooper of Clayton Valley School
2nd Place – Rehmat Gill of James Logan High School
3rd Place – SJ Martin of Granada
4th Place – Chloe Cox of Fortuna
5th Place – Avery Seidenspinner of College Park
6th Place – Lynelle Legados of Hayward
7th Place – Alyse Domingo of Washington (Fremont)
8th Place – Mai Falcone of Amador Valley

Weight Class 111 (113)
1st Place – Mikayla Garcia of James Logan High School
2nd Place – Svea Gonzalez of Benicia
3rd Place – McKaylah Youngblood of Vintage
4th Place – MaryAnn Bertolino of Willits
5th Place – Madison Macachor of Dougherty Valley
6th Place – Shiella Paredes-Akimoto of Berkeley
7th Place – Channey Schaad of Del Norte (Cresent City)
8th Place – Crystal Fraire of Jesse Bethel High School

Weight Class 116 (118)
1st Place – Chloe Solla of Benicia
2nd Place – Cassady LopezHernandez of Vintage
3rd Place – Rebecca Fletcher of Northgate
4th Place – Taryn Pak of Castro Valley
5th Place – Maile Nguyen of Granada
6th Place – Kameelah Hameed of James Logan High School
7th Place – Iris Fan of Monte Vista (Danville)
8th Place – Maliyah McCoy of Casa Grande

Weight Class 121 (123)
1st Place – Mason Harsch of Monte Vista (Danville)
2nd Place – Myia Weiler of College Park
3rd Place – CoraRose Adams of Antioch Senior
4th Place – Ayaka Naddy of Concord
5th Place – Kristy Zhu of American
6th Place – Anais Hernandez of St Helena
7th Place – Yazmin Tirado of Freedom
8th Place – Hailey Liu of Northgate

Weight Class 126 (128)
1st Place – Carmella Foley of James Logan High School
2nd Place – Mikayla Marquez of Castro Valley
3rd Place – Miako Pizzorno of Windsor
4th Place – Noelle Alexander of Maria Carrillo
5th Place – Tatum Salas of Upper Lake
6th Place – Charlotte Devlin of Montgomery Santa Rosa
7th Place – Sylvia Heloin of California (San Ramon)
8th Place – Emelia Velasquez of Willits

Weight Class 131 (133)
1st Place – Maddy Young of Upper Lake
2nd Place – Hannah Ripper of Miramonte
3rd Place – Olivia Munoz of Novato
4th Place – Maci Stemmons of Monte Vista (Danville)
5th Place – Brynna Cohee of Justin-Siena
6th Place – Lana Nguyen of Dublin
7th Place – Piper Pike of St Helena
8th Place – Ava Thomas of Castro Valley

Weight Class 137 (139)
1st Place – Kayla Zidler of Casa Grande
2nd Place – Jasmine Vo of Santa Rosa
3rd Place – Athena Calderon of San Leandro
4th Place – Nour Barakat of San Ramon Valley
5th Place – Addyson Munoz of Clear Lake
6th Place – Sonoma Arcilla of Benicia
7th Place – Adenne Schaad of Del Norte (Cresent City)
8th Place – Camila Baxter of Campolindo

Weight Class 143 (145)
1st Place – Luana Stathopoulos of Novato
2nd Place – Lyla Kondrashoff of San Marin
3rd Place – Jaslynn Aken of American Canyon
4th Place – Isabel Zabronsky of Campolindo
5th Place – Ashlyn Parlett of Justin-Siena
6th Place – Sammy Patton of Windsor
7th Place – Rosalynn Diaz of Liberty
8th Place – Vanessa Tepale of Ukiah

Weight Class 150 (152)
1st Place – Alexis Peregrina of Upper Lake
2nd Place – Mahlyah Sao of Newark Memorial
3rd Place – Riley Del Rosario of De Anza
4th Place – Aariyana Scott of Jesse Bethel High School
5th Place – Ianna Lobao of American Canyon
6th Place – Savannah Nelson of Ukiah
7th Place – Piper Lalli of Campolindo
8th Place – Rocio Ortiz of Livermore

Weight Class 160 (162)
1st Place – Sophia Yurkovich of Liberty
2nd Place – Sophia Jetton of Amador Valley
3rd Place – Rory Bickmore of St Bernard
4th Place – Ava Dockins-Kline of Willits
5th Place – Lily Van Horn of Fort Bragg
6th Place – Kathy Bjornson of John F Kennedy -Fremont
7th Place – Mia Zaragoza of Windsor
8th Place – Lavenda Hafoka of Dublin

Weight Class 170 (172)
1st Place – Jolette Torres of Windsor
2nd Place – Kira Bjornson of John F Kennedy -Fremont
3rd Place – Laura Totty of American Canyon
4th Place – Lindsay Bibby of Fortuna
5th Place – Meredith Kennedy of St Patrick – St Vincent
6th Place – Krystal Ocken of Middletown
7th Place – Camila Granado of Montgomery Santa Rosa
8th Place – Grace Rubio of Ukiah

Weight Class 189 (191)
1st Place – Rawni Self of Windsor
2nd Place – Jessye Wood of Napa
3rd Place – Maja Aunet of Pittsburg Senior
4th Place – Sarah Bolcerek of Clayton Valley School
5th Place – Marvella Herrera of Ukiah
6th Place – Vivian Olivares-G of Eureka Senior
7th Place – Nicole Buechler of Clear Lake
8th Place – Blake Powers of Northgate

Weight Class 235 (237)
1st Place – Aiyanna Beanne of American Canyon
2nd Place – Brendalyn Cunningham of Jesse Bethel High School
3rd Place – Mayari Salgado of San Leandro
4th Place – Amya Ortiz of Newark Memorial
5th Place – Lonna Torrez of Fortuna
6th Place – Daniela Gomez of James Logan High School
7th Place – Folole Viernes of Mt Eden
8th Place – Leslie Rubio of Windsor