2021 CACC – North Regional Championship Results

2021 CCCAA NorCal Regional – Results
California Community College Athletics Association Wrestling
Sierra College, Rocklin, California USA
Saturday, December 4, 2021

Photos from the North Regionals

Final Team Scores

1 – 199.5 – Fresno City College
2 – 172.5 – Sacramento City College
3 – 128.0 – West Hills College-Lemoore
4 – 116.0 – Modesto Junior College
5 – 105.0 – Sierra College
6 – 73.5 – Skyline College
7 – 63.0 – Shasta College
8 – 57.5 – Santa Rosa Junior College
9 – 31.5 – Chabot College
10 – 30.5 – San Joaquin Delta College
11 – 24.5 – Lassen College

Placers and Final Match Results

Weight Class 125 lbs.

1st- Salahdin Farukh, Sierra College
2nd- Austin Pimentel, Fresno City College
3rd- Lesner Velasquez, Shasta College
4th- Sadiri Andoya, San Joaquin Delta College
5th- Armando Martinez, West Hills College-Lemoore
6th- Damon Looper, Modesto Junior College

125: 1st/2nd–Salahdin Farukh (Sierra College) vs. Austin Pimentel (Fresno City College) MD 18-10
125: 3rd/4th–Lesner Velasquez (Shasta College) vs. Sadiri Andoya (San Joaquin Delta College) Fall 1:56
125: 5th/6th–Armando Martinez (West Hills College-Lemoore) vs. Damon Looper (Modesto Junior College) Fall 1:16

Weight Class 133 lbs.

1st- Adrian Chavez, Fresno City College
2nd- Trevor Bagan, Santa Rosa Junior College
3rd- Vince Olivera, Sacramento City College
4th- Preston Bagan, Santa Rosa Junior College
5th- Dylan Duncan, Sacramento City College
6th- Fernando Diaz-Marquez, Skyline College
7th- Rainier Colina, Modesto Junior College
8th- Sterlandjy Metayer, Lassen College

133: 1st/2nd–Adrian Chavez (Fresno City College) vs. Trevor Bagan (Santa Rosa Junior College) Dec 5-1
133: 3rd/4th–Vince Olivera (Sacramento City College) vs. Preston Bagan (Santa Rosa Junior College) Dec 10-4
133: 5th/6th–Dylan Duncan (Sacramento City College) vs. Fernando Diaz-Marquez (Skyline College) Fall 3:14
133: 7th/8th–Rainier Colina (Modesto Junior College) vs. Sterlandjy Metayer (Lassen College) Fall 2:16

Weight Class 141 lbs.

1st- Kendall Frank, Sacramento City College
2nd- Antonio Davis-Yuke, Sierra College
3rd- Wayne Joint, West Hills College-Lemoore
4th- Wyatt Carter, Modesto Junior College
5th- Stephen Lundquist-Brewer, Sierra College
6th- WIll Torres, West Hills College-Lemoore
7th- Daniel Shaharuddin, Skyline College – True 6th qualifies for State
8th- Josiah Torculas, Shasta College

141: 1st/2nd–Kendall Frank (Sacramento City College) vs. Antonio Davis-Yuke (Sierra College) Dec 6-0
141: 3rd/4th–Wayne Joint (West Hills College-Lemoore) vs. Wyatt Carter (Modesto Junior College) Inj. 3:18
141: 5th/6th–Stephen Lundquist-Brewer (Sierra College) vs. WIll Torres (West Hills College-Lemoore) Inj. 0:49
141: 7th/8th–Daniel Shaharuddin (Skyline College) vs. Josiah Torculas (Shasta College) Fall 4:03

Weight Class 149 lbs.

1st- Lupe Ayon, West Hills College-Lemoore
2nd- Alfredo Mendoza, Sacramento City College
3rd- Mikael Melaku, Chabot College
4th- Joaquin Mosqueda, Sierra College
5th- Luis Rios, Fresno City College
6th- Leem Kue, Modesto Junior College

149: 1st/2nd–Lupe Ayon (West Hills College-Lemoore) vs. Alfredo Mendoza (Sacramento City College) MD 9-0
149: 3rd/4th–Mikael Melaku (Chabot College) vs. Joaquin Mosqueda (Sierra College) Dec 6-2
149: 5th/6th–Luis Rios (Fresno City College) vs. Leem Kue (Modesto Junior College) MD 11-2

Weight Class 157 lbs.

1st- Noah Cortez, Fresno City College
2nd- Conrad Trevino-Oceguera, Sacramento City College
3rd- Temistocle Politi, Shasta College
4th- Travis Maynard, Modesto Junior College
5th- Scott Coleman, Lassen College
6th- Landen Cabeje, West Hills College-Lemoore
7th- Dustin Hayes, Sierra College
8th- Jordan Fields, Santa Rosa Junior College

157: 1st/2nd–Noah Cortez (Fresno City College) vs. Conrad Trevino-Oceguera (Sacramento City College) Dec 5-1
157: 3rd/4th–Temistocle Politi (Shasta College) vs. Travis Maynard (Modesto Junior College) Fall 5:40
157: 5th/6th–Scott Coleman (Lassen College) vs. Landen Cabeje (West Hills College-Lemoore) Fall 0:22
157: 7th/8th–Dustin Hayes (Sierra College) vs. Jordan Fields (Santa Rosa Junior College) Fall 2:58

Weight Class 165 lbs.

1st- Hassan Khan, Sacramento City College
2nd- Willy LaMacchia, Skyline College
3rd- Diego Cruz, Fresno City College
4th- Bryan Thorne, Skyline College
5th- Marcos Gamez, Fresno City College
6th- Aaron Lucatero, Modesto Junior College
7th- Alex Thornburg, Sacramento City College
8th- Chaz Harrison, Shasta College

165: 1st/2nd–Hassan Khan (Sacramento City College) vs. Willy LaMacchia (Skyline College) Dec 6-3
165: 3rd/4th–Diego Cruz (Fresno City College) vs. Bryan Thorne (Skyline College) Dec 12-8
165: 5th/6th–Marcos Gamez (Fresno City College) vs. Aaron Lucatero (Modesto Junior College) Fall 0:44
165: 7th/8th–Alex Thornburg (Sacramento City College) vs. Chaz Harrison (Shasta College) TF 19-3

Weight Class 174 lbs.

1st- Reymundo Raiz, Fresno City College
2nd- Gabe Guzman, Sierra College
3rd- Liam Leckie, Sacramento City College
4th- Jacob Turner, Modesto Junior College
5th- Juan Diaz-Marquez, Skyline College
6th- Michael Carse, Chabot College
7th- Diego Lopez, Santa Rosa Junior College
8th- Caleb Byrd, San Joaquin Delta College

174: 1st/2nd–Reymundo Raiz (Fresno City College) vs. Gabe Guzman (Sierra College) MD 16-3
174: 3rd/4th–Liam Leckie (Sacramento City College) vs. Jacob Turner (Modesto Junior College) Dec 6-4
174: 5th/6th–Juan Diaz-Marquez (Skyline College) vs. Michael Carse (Chabot College) Fall 6:28
174: 7th/8th–Diego Lopez (Santa Rosa Junior College) vs. Caleb Byrd (San Joaquin Delta College) Fall 5:50

Weight Class 184 lbs.

1st- Eric Karas, Sacramento City College
2nd- Justin Tripp, West Hills College-Lemoore
3rd- Melvin Naranjo, Fresno City College
4th- David Fowler, Sierra College
5th- Logan Colbert, Modesto Junior College
6th- Max Voelkel, Lassen College
7th- Robert Agiular, San Joaquin Delta College

184: 1st/2nd–Eric Karas (Sacramento City College) vs. Justin Tripp (West Hills College-Lemoore) Dec 8-1
184: 3rd/4th–Melvin Naranjo (Fresno City College) vs. David Fowler (Sierra College) Dec 3-1
184: 5th/6th–Logan Colbert (Modesto Junior College) vs. Max Voelkel (Lassen College) Dec 11-6

Weight Class 197 lbs.

1st- Angel Solis, West Hills College-Lemoore
2nd- Steven Karas, Sacramento City College
3rd- Nicholas Echeveste, Fresno City College
4th- Joel Lopez, Shasta College
5th- Garret Hicks, Modesto Junior College
6th- Gilberto Solorio, Modesto Junior College
7th- Edgar Tolentino, Chabot College
8th- Alec Argel, San Joaquin Delta College

197: 1st/2nd–Angel Solis (West Hills College-Lemoore) vs. Steven Karas (Sacramento City College) Dec 3-1
197: 3rd/4th–Nicholas Echeveste (Fresno City College) vs. Joel Lopez (Shasta College) Fall 5:35
197: 5th/6th–Garret Hicks (Modesto Junior College) vs. Gilberto Solorio (Modesto Junior College) Forf.
197: 7th/8th–Edgar Tolentino (Chabot College) vs. Alec Argel (San Joaquin Delta College) Fall 2:01

Weight Class 285 lbs.

1st- Rudy Garcia, Fresno City College
2nd- Taven Avila, West Hills College-Lemoore
3rd- Jacob Larsen, Santa Rosa Junior College
4th- Joseph Alaniz, Fresno City College
5th- Brandon Reed, Skyline College
6th- David Stewart, Modesto Junior College
7th- Dalton Paine, San Joaquin Delta College
8th- Fritz McIntosh, Shasta College

285: 1st/2nd–Rudy Garcia (Fresno City College) vs. Taven Avila (West Hills College-Lemoore) Fall 1:50
285: 3rd/4th–Jacob Larsen (Santa Rosa Junior College) vs. Joseph Alaniz (Fresno City College) Fall 1:36
285: 5th/6th–Brandon Reed (Skyline College) vs. David Stewart (Modesto Junior College) Dec 4-3
285: 7th/8th–Dalton Paine (San Joaquin Delta College) vs. Fritz McIntosh (Shasta College) TF 17-2