Brisbane to Host 2032 Summer Games

TOKYO – The Australian city of Brisbane has officially been announced by the International OIympic Committee (IOC) as the host for the Olympic Games 2032. It will be the third time Australia has hosted the Games, following Melbourne in 1956 and Sydney in 2000.

Below are comments from Thomas BACH (GER), president of the International Olympic Committee: John COATES (AUS), president of the Australian Olympic Committee: Adrian SCHRINNER (AUS), mayor of Brisbane: Annastacia PALASZCZUK (AUS), premier of Queensland, and Richard COLBECK (AUS), Australia Minister for Sport.

Thomas BACH (GER) – IOC President

“With Brisbane, it is a host that is fully aligned with our reforms, with Agenda 2020+5, it is a very sustainable project, it is a project with a great legacy and it is a project from a sports-loving nation.

“This is what it is about; to see the sports-loving Aussies celebrating the Olympic Games. I hope I can still make it until then and be there.”

John COATES (AUS) – AOC President, IOC Vice President

“This has been 35 years in the making. When we were a candidate in 85/86, we weren’t ready.

“Brisbane has matured, Brisbane will continue to mature over the next 11 years, particularly with the infrastructure investment that the federal government and state government have committed to.

“It took a while coming but the city is maturing, it has matured, and it is just a wonderful opportunity.

“I was never sure how I would feel this time, the second time around – the second contract I have signed – and it is every bit as emotional, I can tell you.”

Adrian SCHRINNER (AUS) – Mayor of the city of Brisbane

“Brisbane is a place that has been through a lot, been through natural disasters and floods but it has always had that determination and ambition. It is Brisbane’s time to shine. It is a new era for Brisbane but also a new era for the Olympic movement as well.

“The lower cost Games, but supersizing the benefits, is going to be so great for our city, our region and our state.

“My wife and four young kids are there, in Brisbane celebrating, and they are so excited. That excitement bottles up the excitement that everyone in Brisbane and Queensland is feeling.”

Annastacia PALASZCZUK (AUS) – Premier of the state of Queensland

“To everyone listening back home, I am so excited. I have so much pride in my state, for our people. Never in my lifetime did I think this would happen.

“We have done it Queensland, we have done it Brisbane. This is fantastic, this is amazing. Tonight is your night, enjoy.

“The international committee was blown away tonight about how beautiful our state is. We want to welcome people back to Queensland after the pandemic and celebrate in true Queensland style.

“This is about the young people sitting at home tonight dreaming the impossible dream. These dreams can come true.”

Richard COLBECK (AUS) – Australian’s Minister for Sport

“This will do an enormous amount for our athletes. To those young Australians sitting on their couches tonight, aspiring to be an athlete, the chance to compete on home soil in Brisbane 2032 is yours.”